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About Marcel-Jan Krijgsman

Marcel-Jan is de PR-functionaris van de Werkgroep Maan en Planeten. Hij verzorgt ook het nieuws op de Facebook pagina en deze blog.

My new blog

I will start blogging about my new career as data engineer on a new place: On this blog I intend to take you with me on a journey through Big Data. That’s why the blog is called “Expedition Data”.

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A couple of Enterprise Manager 12 repository scripts

For almost 2 years I’ve been product responsible/product owner for Oracle Enterprise Manager at Rabobank. I haven’t done a lot of technical stuff, but I did have access to the repository. This allowed me to create some queries, create some … Continue reading

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Why I ♥ Python

I had a few encounters with Python before I followed the Introduction to Interactive Python programming courses of Rice University via Coursera. I remember the struggles when I tried to program Twitter feed analysis code with Python on the Introduction … Continue reading

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A Big (Data) Change

So it has been rather quiet on this blog and there’s a good reason for that. I like to blog mostly about interesting (technical) stuff I found out. At work I haven’t done many technical things. I talked about technical … Continue reading

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Making better team decisions

In the first months in my new role as product responsible I had more or less weekly meetings with the team responsible for Enterprise Manager and in those meetings we made decisions sometimes. But what happened was that a few … Continue reading

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The Department of Hacking Other Departments

We operations people often are rather charmed by Netflix’ idea of Chaos Monkey. This is a tool that identifies a group of systems and randomly terminates one system in that group. If you’ve never heard of Chaos Monkey, you might … Continue reading

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NMap 7 is out

Yesterday I read that there is a totally new release of nmap, the network mapping tool. I’ve blogged about Nmap before. Version 7 has attacks against Heartbleed, it has mature IPv6 support, faster scans on Windows and BSD systems. And … Continue reading

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