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Trace column 1.3

trace_column.sql is a script that you can use to quickly trace (event 10046) a couple of sessions with the same properties. For example: suppose there are multiple sessions of a user called APP_USER, you can start the trace on all … Continue reading

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Fun with Dtrace: files Oracle opens on database startup

I’ve got Dtrace working (install story) and the party is started. You can write your own Dtrace programs in the D language, but there are also a load of Dtrace one-liners. You can find a list of those on the … Continue reading

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Dtrace on OEL6.6 is working!

I was close to giving up. Because of the following things: I could not find much on the Dtrace error I got. I tried the commands I used last time on my VirtualBox with OEL6.6 and Oracle 12c and got … Continue reading

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Installing dtrace on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.6

Long ago I heard about dtrace. I’ve read some stuff about it here and there but I didn’t get it that much and my attention span is a bit short. But apparently is is a magical performance tool that was … Continue reading

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