We’re hiring a DBA, Fusion Middleware specialist, EM specialist and Linux admin

In our team we need a couple of seasoned Oracle specialists and we’re also looking for one junior Oracle Database Administrator.

To be specific we’re looking for people with the following skills, who want to become employed at Rabobank Netherlands.

An Oracle Database Administrator

A Junior Oracle Database Administrator (Young Professionals Programme IT)

(This is actually a great opportunity to learn to become a professional Oracle DBA and to grow quite a lot. And to work with Oracle Exadata right away? That’s not a bad start in my book. Allthough you’ll be spoiled.)

An Oracle Specialist Enterprise Monitoring

A Linux Administrator with Oracle affinity

(Oracle affinity because the platform is Oracle Exadata of course)

An Oracle Fusion Middleware Specialist

An Oracle Business Process Management Specialist

(The vacancies are written in Dutch)

There lots of interesting developments at our department at this moment. We’re going to migrate to Oracle Exadata machines and for critical databases Oracle Database Vault and Transparent Data Encryption will be implemented.

I’ve written before about our team. We’re a self organizing team, which basically means you will have more influence than usual.

Couple of practical things: our location is Zeist, the Netherlands (though you might end up in the headquarters of Rabobank Nederland in Utrecht a couple of times per week, depending of your role), the official language for Rabobank documents is English, but you’ll find that a lot of meetings will be either in Dutch or English.

If you are interested, send your resume to newjobatrabo@marcel-jan.eu. I will make sure it will find it’s way to my manager.


About Marcel-Jan Krijgsman

Ever since I started working with Oracle, I had an interest in Oracle database performance tuning. This led, eventually, to a four day training I made and gave for customers of Transfer Solutions. Since 2012 I work for Rabobank Nederland. A few years ago I also became interested in Oracle database security. All technology aside, it is my experience that security usually plays out on a political level. I'm a Oracle certified professional for the 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g databases and Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning Certified Expert.
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