sqlperf_noawr.sql for the Diagnosics Pack impaired

So you want to do SQL performance investigations, but your Oracle database is Standard Edition or you have no Diagnostics Pack. These things happen. In fact, at my previous job only 2 out of 70 customers did have Diagnostics Pack. Let’s say I got to know Statspack a lot better. Or free tools like ASHviewer (which is pretty neat).

So because there are probably many DBA’s that don’t have access to Diagnostics Pack, I’ve created sqlperf_noawr.sql. It’s sqlperf.sql without selects on dba_hist_% views, executes on dbms_xplan.display_awr or selects on statistics history in sys.wri$_% tables (even though I think it isn’t counted as usage of the Diagnostics Pack in dba_feature_usage_statistics).


About Marcel-Jan Krijgsman

Marcel-Jan is de PR-functionaris van de Werkgroep Maan en Planeten. Hij verzorgt ook het nieuws op de Facebook pagina en deze blog.
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