“Put the NSA in your CC” day?

So by now we know everybody is reading our mail and other communications: the NSA, the British, the Dutch are tapping 10x as much on us Dutch citizens as any other country and I’m guessing 40 other countries are keeping a profile on us. And then there are giant companies that gather huge big data repositories that tell you you’re pregnant or gay before you know it.

I remember the days that Internet was about freedom and endless possibilities. Remember when people thought that in the future you would no longer pay taxes, because your salary would go to an Internet bank and couldn’t be touched by any government? Nowadays Internet is like a dangerous city. You tell your old folks/kids: “before you go out there, did you check your virusscanner is on? Did you install that malware scanner like I told you? Okay, go out there, but be careful! Don’t go randomly installing software”. And now even governments apparently are snooping on all our data. Even when you encrypted it. Even when you used a Tor browser.

You know what? When you are licked, you are licked, right? Privacy is officially dead. Why bother anymore?

How about a “Put the NSA in your CC” day? So they want to read our mail? How about declaring a day when we put the NSA, Obama, David Cameron and the GCHQ in the CC of our mails? They are going to read our mail anyway, so why not make it a little easier for them. After all, it’s for the best they are doing all this snooping, right? Right?

I haven’t set a date yet, but when I do, it’s the date that when you invite your grandmother for the Xmas dinner, or mail your spouse that the cat wont eat, you drop some extra addresses in your CC-list: info@nsa.gov, obama@whitehouse.gov, cameron@downingstreet10.uk and info@gchq.co.uk.

Yeah, I was making those addresses up. Because I don’t want Google to know I’m searching for email addresses of intelligence agencies. Because already there’s that strange van with the antennas across the street that’s sitting there the last couple of weeks and that drone flying over my house every day. Probably shouldn’t anger the powers that be too much.

On a serious note: there is a Kickstarter project called Dark Mail, that’s actually wanting to do a serious effort to make your mail private again. Maybe we all should check that out.


About Marcel-Jan Krijgsman

Ever since I started working with Oracle, I had an interest in Oracle database performance tuning. This led, eventually, to a four day training I made and gave for customers of Transfer Solutions. Since 2012 I work for Rabobank Nederland. A few years ago I also became interested in Oracle database security. All technology aside, it is my experience that security usually plays out on a political level. I'm a Oracle certified professional for the 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g databases and Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning Certified Expert.
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