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oracle-enum-users doesn’t work on Nmap 6.25

Currently I’m working on a hacking demo for the Planboard Symposium. The sessions will be on May 28th in Utrecht. The language of the sessions will be Dutch. I can’t say that the preparations go entirely smoothly. It’s when working … Continue reading

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Performance tuning, a medical drama – Act one

The telephone of the first responders of our DBA team rings. One of them takes up the phone and quickly scribles some notes. Apparently a severity 2 incident has been issued. Application XYZ is not well and the collegue on … Continue reading

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sql_sql_id_html.sql: a SQL performance script with HTML output

[Update]: there is now a non-Diagnostics Pack version here. [Update]:┬áversion 1.6 is now out. More on this blogpost. A while ago I read a blogpost by Tanel Poder about HTMLizing your sqlplus output. I used to make sqlplus scripts with … Continue reading

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